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Flurina Stocker
Certified Behaviourist 

Flurina Stocker Dog Trainer Bracknell Canine Sense

I was born in Switzerland, lucky enough to grow up in a home where dogs were an integral part of my family

As a child,  I learnt how to understand dogs from an early age and observe their behaviour with humans and within our pack of 6 Rough Collies.


Surrounded by the love of 4 paws, I begun to acquire what today I call, the “Canine Sense”.


This connection with dogs came naturally to me which prompted me to complete a 1 Year Certified Dog Behaviourist Training in Switzerland at an early age. At the age of 16 my work, methods and training were recognised and featured in the Thurgauerzeitung Switzerland Journal. 

What I came to realise quickly is that no dog is the same and no owner is the same. A dog will react to their owner and very often, it is not dogs that need training, but rather their owners.

"Attain the "Canine Sense", a true understanding of dogs and their psychology.
The key to successful behaviour change."

I do not use a specific method in my approach, as no one method fits all dogs and owners. 

Dogs learn through various channels of operant and classical conditioning.

My training is purely focused on improving the relationship between owners and their dogs, so that the dogs will 'want' to show a behaviour rather than 'have' to.


Each dog and owner is different. To get the best results, I assess each situation in depth to find the true cause of the behavioural issues, and then tailor a training plan specific to you.

Rottweiler puppy, dog trainer in berkshire


Our Rottweiler Ember is our newest addition to the Canine Sense and Stocker family.

A companion for Breeze and a great assistance on my daily training tasks to help other dogs. 

Canine Sense Dog Behaviourist Training in Maidenhead, Wokingham and Bracknell


My husband and I adopted Loki, a working German Shepard who, due to lockdown had little confidence and poor social skills. Working with Loki was

challenging but yet enriching, enabling me to gain further insight into dog-on-dog aggression,

human aggression and “working dog” behaviour.


Sadly, Loki didn’t just struggle with his mental state but also with his physical health. He developed pancreatitis and later a brain tumour.


Loki showed me how human failure creates chaos and unhappiness in a dog, but with positive energy and good intentions even dogs like him can be helped and should never be given up on.

Breeze, rottweiler of Flurina Stocker, Canine Sense


A 7-month young Rottweiler joined us on our journey, her name is Breeze. Strong minded, confident and a medium energy level - Breeze is the perfect companion on our daily mission to rehabilitate other dogs.

Canine Sense Dog Behaviourist Training and pack walks in Maidenhead, Wokingham and Bracknell


My journey brought me to England, where I moved with Ylvie and Laila. This

adventure was another learning curve.


Seeing my dogs' emotional processes and their behaviour during those environmental changes, enabled me to attain a deeper understanding of how circumstances can impact a dog's behaviour.

Canine Sense Dog Behaviourist Training in Maidenhead, Wokingham and Bracknell


After we lost 3 dogs to old age and cancer (common in Swiss Mountain Bernese), my family, and in particular my mum with whom I share the love of animals, gifted me another dog: Laila, a Swiss Mountain Bernese.


Laila’s puppyhood was filled with valuable learning experiences for me, and we formed a wonderful relationship and unbreakable connection over the years. Laila’s spirit lives on in our pack and her gentle nature has been passed on to Breeze.

Rough Collie, dog trainer in bracknell, wokingham, berkshire


With the hard earned savings from my childhood, I bought my very first dog Ylvie; a 3-year-old Rough Collie.


Ylvie was a very sensitive, yet active dog. This enabled me to

develop subtle handling skills and my first experience in agility dog sport.

Canine Sense Dog Behaviourist Training in Maidenhead, Wokingham and Bracknell


Two beautiful Swiss Mountain Bernese puppies, Molly and Emma joined our pack

of 2 Swiss Mountain Bernese and 2 Rough Collies.


As they were siblings, it was an extra challenge. But with help of "BHT Hundeschule" in Switzerland, we managed to improve their behaviour.

1-2-1 dog trainer bracknell, berkshire


My mum wanted to add to our pack of 4 Rough Collies and we got 2 Swiss

Mountain Bernese Puppies, Barry and Madlaina.


These puppies behaved very differently to the Rough Collies. They were less reserved, more stubborn and full of energy. Barry’s hunting instinct took over and we had to seek professional help.

Canine sense dog trainer in berkshire specialising in 1-2-1 training and pack walks


When I was born, my parents already owned a pack of 6 Rough Collies, one of which, Jael, was a rescue dog with behavioural issues (anxiety-based aggression towards humans).

As a young child, I had to quickly learn how to behave around Jael and the other dogs. They taught me the very basics of dog communication and behaviour.

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