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Online Dog Training, Canine Sense


Living too far away? 
No problem!

We can still help you with dedicated video calls. 

30 min session - £60

60 min session - £90

48 hour cancellation policy 


What will we do during the session?

First, we will discuss your dog's general behaviour, personality and background. Then we will get to the bottom of the unwanted behaviours and we start to create a tailored training plan, providing you with the right tools to start the journey. 


Is online training as efficient as in-person training? 

We have helped many dog owners online by giving them deeper insights and valuable tips to improve their dog's behaviour.

This enabled them to have a better understanding and perspective of their dog's behaviour and has brought evident results.


What can we take away from the training?

I will give you practical, simple and effective advice which you can practise with your dog. I will further show different things with our Rottweilers, so you can see how we handle our dogs in different situations. 

Let's hear your questions and get to work!

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Thank you for your enquiry!

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