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Paws in the City
Morning Club

Dive into a relaxed morning adventure, guiding your dog through the town's lively streets.

Focusing on socialisation and practising obedience in real-world scenarios. 

Please note, these classes are exclusively for Canine Sense customers only.


If you would like to enquire, please contact us. 

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Duration: 60 min


Where: Town Centres; Bracknell, Wokingham..

Price: £30

Participants: 5


Urban dog training bracknell
Dog training wokingham

Did you always dream of taking your dog to social settings? 

Then Paws in the City Morning Club is the perfect gathering for you and your canine companion. We cherish the bond between dogs and their owners, recognising the importance of socialisation in different settings. By introducing dogs to different environments, people and fellow canines, we help them develop into well-adjusted and confident companions. 


What will we practise during these sessions? 

From 'long down stays', heeling exercises to playing in the town and of course enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, our main focus is to create a comfortable and happy state of mind for your dog in a social settings with other people and dogs. 

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