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3 Dog Behaviours you should address

Our dogs are in constant communication with us. How we respond (often subsconciously) to their actions will impact how they preceive us and even affect their mental stage.

Here are 3 behaviours which you should address to foster a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

three dog behaviour you should immediately address

Number one: Jumping up, rushing past and cutting off

It is an obvious one yet I would still like to mention it as in my daily trainings, many of my customers are unaware of the subtle cues. Do you ever find yourself abruptly halting/slowing down because your dog crossed your path? Or does your dog push past you to be the first one through the door?

Such actions indicate a lack of respect for personal space. If another person behaved this way, it would be considered rude. The same principle applies to dogs.

To discourage dogs from jumping on people or rushing past, they need to understand that this behaviour is not ever rewarded. What should be rewarded instead is calmness. Remember, rewards represent themselves in many forms. If your dog wants to rush through the door and you continue opening the door, the "rushing" behaviour is still rewarded.

address jumping up in dogs immediately
Dogs should not jump up in general as they do not understand the difference between jumping up on their owner and other people

Number two: Personal space invasion when dealing with high-value items

Imagine enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate cake, only to have someone come over and "sniff" at your plate. Not very pleasant, is it? Teaching dogs to remain calm and maintain a respectful distance when you're dealing with food or other high-value items (like balls or toys) can be extremely beneficial.

This not only teaches them to respect our space but also helps with their impulse control. The same goes for giving treats - dogs should take them calmly and not rush, reinforcing the idea to reward calmness, not excitement.

preventing unwanted dog behaviours such as jumping up around food
Dogs should be respectful around us when dealing with high value items

Number three: Overexcitment and attention-seeking

Do you have a dog that easily gets overexcited and has trouble calming down?

Breeze, our Rottweiler, can be like this. If unchecked, this leads to her becoming less responsive to us since her excitement to meet others can overshadow everything else.

Additionally, she sometimes gets overstimulated and craves attention in the evening, pawing at us, and whining.

When this happens, we direct her to lie down on her bed and then pay her attention for a little while. This way we pay her attention on our terms, yet still fulfill her needs.

We then get up and tell her to stay on her bed.

Often, she switches off immediately and falls asleep as she knows that now we want her to rest and her whining and pawing will not lead to success.

dogs overexcitement needs to be addressed as it can lead to behavioural issues
Some dogs do not understand when to switch off and need to be guided by their owners to be able to rest


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