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How to stop your dog from pulling on the lead

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Lead pulling is a learnt behaviour! Dogs are really simple: behaviour which keeps being successful, they will keep showing. So what to do when trying to stop my dog from pulling on the lead? First of all, make sure you are providing leadership in all areas of living. Who decides to go through doorways first? Does your dog just push passed you? If yes, this needs to be addressed. Simply open the door slightly (being in front of your dog, facing the door) and if your dog tries to go through, close it again. Repeat this until your dog sits behind you. You'd be surprised what a little patience and calmness can achieve...Consistency is key, so this process needs to happen every time now so your dog learns to look to you first when entering a "new territory". This is the very basic step to stopping your dog from pulling on the lead. Then make sure that outside, every time your dog wants to go ahead of you (your dog's paws should not be over half of your shoes), you turn 180 degrees to walk the other way and if your dog follows you, reward with a treat, your voice, a small pat over the head or a toy. Again this needs to be repeated consistently. Every time your dog pulls and you keep moving forward too, your dog gets rewarded as he or she gets closer to the field or forest you usually walk and that's super rewarding for your dog! Good luck!! It requires a lot of patience but it's worth it as you also get so much more engagement with your dog.


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