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3 Tips for Making Dogs Calm During Fireworks

Fireworks can be a source of anxiety for many dogs, causing stress and fear.

We take proactive steps to help Breeze & Ember being comfortable and calm during these loud and dazzling displays.

Dog staying calm during fireworks

1. Drain the physical energy:

To help our Rottweilers stay calm during fireworks, we ensure they have plenty of physical exercise beforehand. Taking them for a long walk or engaging in active play sessions can help tire them out, reducing their overall anxiety levels.

A tired dog is more likely to be relaxed and less reactive to firework sounds.

Pro Tip: Walk somewhere, where your dog has never been before.

2. Provide mental stimulation:

Keeping dogs mentally stimulated can divert their attention away from the fireworks, making them more calm.

We offer Breeze & Ember a food-filled Kong toy or a long-lasting bone to keep them engaged and focused. These types of interactive toys can provide a rewarding and distracting experience, helping to alleviate anxiety and keep their minds occupied.

Pro Tip: Play classical music to provide an extra soothing effect.

3. Desensitise and counter condition:

With Breeze and Ember, we practice desensitisation and counter conditioning techniques weekly. This can be very effective in helping dogs become less fearful of fireworks over time. We gradually expose them to the sound of fireworks at a low volume and in a controlled environment while pairing the sound with positive experiences, such as treats, playtime, or cuddles. This helps to prepare them for the real fireworks as it is not something new to them.

Pro Tip: Our presence and a calm demeanour can greatly help the dogs to stay calm during the fireworks.

When to seek professional help

If your dog's anxiety during fireworks is severe and these strategies alone do not provide sufficient relief, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a veterinarian. They can evaluate your dog's specific needs and provide additional support and recommendations tailored to their individual situation. In some cases, medication prescribed by a veterinarian can help to take the edge off severe anxiety, providing temporary relief for your dog.

Remember, every dog is unique, so it's important to tailor these strategies to your dog's specific needs. If necessary, contact us and we can work together to reduce your dog's anxiety.

Wishing you all a fantastic and safe Bonfire Night filled with joy and calmness 😃🧡


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