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Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It is every dog owners dream... your dog running free, enjoying the walk without any  restrictions, just having a great time and you being able to relax too. Recall is actually all about the relationship you have with your dog. It is an invisible bond which connects you both, making communication easy. This connection actually starts at home... are you someone your dog listens to at home? Is your dog coming to you when called at home or in the garden?  If yes, great! If no, work on boundaries at home first. Have things a little more on your terms... easier said than done but remember that by having clear guidelines, your dog will actually enjoy much more freedom.

Outdoors, I recommend depending on dog breed and size (!) a 5-10 meter long training lead which you can use to wheel your dog back in (yes, like a fish!). This lead should be attached to a comfortable harness (check out Dog Copenhagen harnesses) and I propose you wear non slip gloves (burn marks are not nice). If your dog doesn't come to you the FIRST time you call, you wheel him or her back to you. Consistency again is key and also your mindset. Be patient, calm and call with a normal tone of voice. If your dog comes back to you, reward with either a treat, toy or a cuddle or just a "good boy" or "good girl". This way your dog never knows what to expect. It keeps it more interesting.

Finally, start being a bit more adventurous... dogs are opportunistic meaning that if you suddenly find treats, a stick or similar on the floor and you say "wow, what is this?" your dog will come over (try not to look at the dog, look at the ineresting object you found!). Recall takes time to train (4-6 weeks on average depending on the age longer) but the reward you and your dog get is unbeatable. After a while you can start dropping the lead on the floor until you eventually won't need it anymore.


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