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Bracknell, Wokingham, Maidenhead, Ascot, Berkshire

Dog Behaviourist, 1-2-1 training  Bracknell Wokingham Maidenhead

Flurina Stocker
Certified Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

A Different Approach to Dog Training

Learn how to improve your dog's behaviour,  build a foundation of trust, create an unbreakable bond and ultimately
boost your dog's confidence in any situations. 
We find the true cause of the unwanted behaviour rather than simply "training".

truly care about your dog, the history and understanding genetical predispositions.

Promoting well-being by fulfilling your dog's needs is at the heart of Canine Sense and ultimately leads to long-term results. 

Our dog and puppy training take place near you, meaning that we will travel to you, train at your home, out on your usual walks or meet up at a local park. 


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Understand. Train. Transform.

In our individual dog & puppy training sessions at your home, out on your usual walks or via call/video consultation we get to the cause of your dog's behaviour and explain the psychology behind why your dog behaves that way. Based on this, we then create a tailored training plan, which is not only easy to implement but further fulfils the needs of your dog. 


As a Canine Sense customer you can exclusively join our monthly pack walks, which aim to boost your dog's confidence and provides the opportunity to socialise your dog in a safe environment. 

Check out our training bundles which are designed to help you on your canine journey. 

Dog training bracknell, wokingham, maidenhead
Dogs are at the very heart of Canine Sense 🐾
Canine experience

15+ years experience

True knowledge comes from experience.

From each dog and their owner, who I had the pleasure of working with, I gained invaluable insights which help me understand canine behaviours and their causes quickly and accurately. 


Dog psychology 

We specialise in understanding dog psychology and behavioural biology as they are key to determine the cause of behaviours and therefore find effective solutions for a relaxed everyday life with dogs. 

Training method

Every dog is different

We like a holistic approach, meaning that we do not just  "correct" away behaviours. We want to get to know your dog and the history a little better first and then show you simple and positive training techniques to successfully optimise behaviour tailored to your dog and situation. 


Certified and awarded

In 2009, I obtained a Dog Behaviourist Certification in Switzerland.

This was an intensive one year full-time programme.

In 2023, we have been awarded number one dog trainer in Wokingham. 

Let's begin the journey 

Flurina Stocker

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